We have about 19 more days for you to enter the contest we call the BIG DOINGS! contest.  Please check the contest link –> http://www.bretmichaels.com/site-news/news2/bretmichaels-com-the-big-doings/ <– for all of the information.

If you have entered, please be sure that you have included your birth date if you are eligible for the contest. If you are eligible and haven’t included your birth date on the order, please email the store with your order number and birth date (MM/DD/YYYY). To contact the store please visit here –> http://www.bretmichaels.com/site-news/news2/bretmichaels-com-the-big-doings/. Do not email the general web site address at bretmichaels.com, as your information may not get matched to your order. It is best to reply to your order confirmation.  We will attempt to reach out to you, however, spam filters may prevent our emails from getting to you.

Remember to tell your friends, your family and everyone you know to get a copy.

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