To all the fans, friends and family we say thank you! On this Mother’s Day the music video for Bret Michaels’ single “A Beautiful Soul” has supassed 3 million unique views on YouTube and that number continues to climb. Music icon, reality TV star and philanthropist, Bret Michaels has always bet on himself by owning his own record label, publishing and content. Thanks to long-standing radio relationships forged over the course of his career and with the help of his huge social media following, he has once again proven that an independent artist can rock the charts with his new inspirationally-driven hit song, “A Beautiful Soul.”

Coming out above other artist One Direction, 50 Cent, and American Idol sensation Cody Simpson, Michaels’ video debuted at number two among YouTube’s New Music Releases, topped only by Alicia Keys’ theme to Marvel Comics’ multi-million dollar Spider-Man franchise. Since its release, “A Beautiful Soul” has been one of the most downloaded songs across all digital media retailers. Check out Bret’s new hit single, “A Beautiful Soul,” on YouTube and at your favorite digital retailer now. – Team Bret

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