Bret Michaels Supports Local Business Entrepreneurial Hopefuls, Launches USA Handmade Jewelry Line For Holiday Season!

As he is often asked for his insight and guidance, Bret Michaels continues to support local business owners in helping their entrepreneurial dreams become a reality. Michaels is proud to launch a brand new jewelry collection in conjunction with local artist Julie Grant which is available now just in time for the holiday season. This limited first run line is handcrafted in the USA using raw materials and resulting in the finest pieces of jewelry which can be worn on a night out on the town or for simple everyday wear. “Being able to mix creativity and passion with your business is awesome on many levels. To be able to assist small business owners striving to live out their dreams is my definition of what I call, a drealist” said Michaels. “Every business has a starting point and it’s an insane feeling when the dream becomes reality. The fact that this jewelry line is made in the USA is so important as well.”

The new jewelry collection is available now in limited quantity for pre-holiday shopping by visiting the storefront at or direct at