On Monday June 16, 2014 the small town of Pilger, Nebraska was devastated by a pair of tornadoes that touched down and destroyed 75% of the community, taking the lives of two Pilger residents and critically injuring countless others. Upon learning of the news of this tragedy, Bret Michaels began preparing, making plans to help this small town in middle America.

Michaels, who also has ties to Nebraska, as both of his sisters reside in the state close to affected areas, is currently in the middle of a tour with 6 shows in a row this week and is making arrangements to forgo his day off on Monday June 23, 2014 to head to the disaster site to help out the good people of Pilger and surrounding areas.

“When I heard the news of what happened to the folks in Pilger, I immediately wanted to do something to give them a hand in the aftermath of this disaster. I have many friends and family in that area including my sisters, one of which served in the Air Force station at Offutt AFB in Omaha” said Michaels.

This Monday June 23, 2014 Bret Michaels, his entire band and crew will drive to Pilger, Nebraska to assist the families, individuals, police, emergency crews and firefighters by helping the town begin it’s rebuild any way he can.