Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and all the Moms had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Time to wrap up this weekend’s posts here at BretMichaels.com and catch you up on anything you missed over the weekend.

First and foremost: The BIG DOINGS! Contest is live. What is the BIG DOINGS!? Pre-order the new album Jammin’ With Friends from ShopBretMichaels.com for a chance to win a very cool prize. Please read the tagged post for complete rules and entry information. Also be sure that if you are eligible for the contest you provide your birth date when ordering to be entered into the contest.

Second: Bret is featured in an article in BizX magazine. Click here for more information. Be sure to check out the new NEON collection at the PetSmart as mentioned in the article as well.

Third: If you’re on Facebook, be sure to head over to Bret’s official page for new additions to many of our fan photo galleries including Bret’s World Of Ink and Meet and Greet photos. An important note: There is only one official and authorized Bret Michaels page and that is the one we link to. Bret does not have any personal profiles or any other pages on Facebook. All unauthorized pages will be reported. If you have any questions please contact us or review the Facebook Terms of Service.

Fourth: Charity Winners from the Life Rocks Benefit BBQ’d at Bret’s house late last week. Check this post out for a photo from the event.  This post, too.

Fifth: We will remind you everyday until it comes – ROCK MY RV WITH BRET MICHAELS debuts on the Travel Channel on May 26 – just 13 days away.

Sixth: Check out this article from the Green Bay Press Gazette.

So what were yins up to this weekend? You can submit your photos for our weekend wrap-up by going to this page to get all of the information. Did you go RVing? Camping? We will be posting your submissions being next week in a dedicated album, so stay tuned!

To submit photos for general use on both the web site and social media, please visit the submissions page for information on how to send us your photos.

Check back here tomorrow for the Team Bret Michaels Tuesday entry and let’s all make a difference in this world.


PS: Did we mention you can pre-order Bret’s new album right here? Yep you can. Read the BIG DOINGS! post for contest information or if you just want to buy it click right here to get it.