In this addition of Team Bret Michaels Tuesday, we are going to focus on our “Flat Bret” campaign.

Head over to to download a copy of the flyer. Cut it out and take it with you on your charity walk/run, to diabetic camp or on any other mission to make a difference. We will share your photos on, and our social media pages (information is included on the Flat Bret page for submitting your photos).

Flat Bret can be used in classrooms, community groups and more, too. The campaign is about more than just raising awareness about diseases that affect our daily lives, it’s about helping out in your community, cleaning up the environment or giving someone a chance they didn’t have before.

Thank you to all who make a positive difference in the world!

PS: You can even take him camping or out on an adventure with you!

Stay tuned for more information about future Team Bret Michaels campaigns and contests, too.