Hey everyone! It’s Pete hacking Bret’s site again for 1st time this year so Happy New Year! 
I wanted to post that just because Bret is taking a few weeks off the road just to see
some doctors and specialists to make sure everything is still 100 percent, doesn’t
mean we haven’t been hard at work. Bret has been working hard on new music and as
always I’m excited and grateful to be at the wheel of the recording rig.

We here at B*M*B are as excited as all of you at the possibilities of the Poison
reunion this year. In fact, I hope to sit up on the lawn and watch some of these
shows like I used to so many years ago, only this time with all of you that I’ve
met in the last 11 years. 

However, even with the possibilities of Poison dates coming in, B*M*B is already
slated to do some of the biggest shows we’ve ever done, including the huge rock
festivals in Ohio, Texas, Florida and California.

Just want to say thanks to all you out there and to Bret for the amazing 11 years
I’ve got to celebrate Bret’s music along with all the fans.  Here is to 11 more…