Our thoughts go out to our good friends Michael and Angie Ballard, Jesse James Dupree, Goat, Fajita Mike and everyone at the Full Throttle Saloon which was destroyed due to the recent fire. The Throttle was more than just a bar, it was an experience and we consider everyone there family. Consecutive years in a row we’ve played there and it was always one of the highlights of the year.  – Bret


Below is a message from Bret after his 2015 show at the Full Throttle Saloon. – Team Bret

Huge hail and a rain storm didn’t stop the True Grit party at the Sturgis 75th anniversary. It was an awesome night at the Full Throttle Saloon and an honor to have some military troops onstage with us last night. Insane Sturgis fun!