This past Sunday Bret Michaels became the first celebrity to host a live
blog in the internet giant AOL’s history. Not only did the rocker live blog
about the Grammy’s amongst other topics, but did so in real time from his
own home.  Those who tuned in were excited to be ‘invited’ into Michaels’
home and hear his commentary that they turned out in mass numbers. “I had an
absolute awesome time eating pizza, having a few beverages and of course
blogging with everyone about the Grammys” said Michaels, adding “Music is my
passion and it’s always great to be involved with something where so many
talented artists are featured and of course it doesn’t hurt to ride a
motorcycle through your house to set the mood”.

His wit, sense of humor and true grit approach made for an insightful and
entertaining view of the Grammys as well as his education on how to trash a
hotel room with rock star flair.

Bret is truly a one of a kind star. He’s toured the world performing rock
and roll, crossed over into country, pop and top 40 genres of music and
conquered reality TV. He’s become an entrepreneur and most importantly a
philanthropist. Beyond all of his accomplishments, Bret has remained
personable, full of a signature charm and wit.

“The amount of people that turned out for this event once again proved that
Bret is one of the most relevant rockers and pop culture icons of today.
Fans from all musical genres can relate to Bret. ” states Janna Elias COO of
Michaels Entertainment Group. “Viewers submitted so many questions during
the broadcast that Bret couldn’t answer them all.  Some of the answers are
below and more will follow in the coming days. They will also be posted to
Bret’s twitter.  A slide show and videos including two trailers for his
upcoming TV show Rock My RV with Bret Michaels can be seen there as well as

Click HERE to see exclusive photos from the live blog event.

Bret also discussed his current projects taken from questions submitted during the live blog event. Please visit the links below to see what Bret has upcomping.

Click HERE to watch the Bret Michaels’ “Thorns & Roses” cologne video trailer.

Click HERE for the latest on the new show “Rock My RV” with Bret Michaels that debuts May 2013 on The Travel Channel. Click HERE to watch the show’s video trailer.

Click HERE to see and purchase Bret Michaels’ “Pets Rock” collection available at PetSmart.

Click HERE to learn more about Bret and Beauty School Rocks pairing up to help fund partial scholarships for people looking to expand their talents cutting hair/doing makeup.

Lastly, please see below for Bret’s answers to some of the #AskBret questions following the event:

tracy laux ‏@tracylaux75 #AskBret LOL How good are you feeling Love the repetetive posts. glad you’re having a great time.?
Bret: I am feeling great, been very fortunate to be alive after all I went through, but I am in tip top shape and feeling great.

PoisondPiper ‏@followmystars @AOL Bret, when will you be back to San Antonio and S. Tx, I need a 3rd tattoo. It’s also my b-day, can I get a happy birthday?  #askBret
Bret: The Solo Band will be on tour all year. Keep an eye on for dates.

tracy laux ‏@tracylaux75 #AskBret Who’s the people in the pictures with you? the pizza pic,the sunset, and on the deck? they are some blessed people.wish i was there
Bret: These are my good friends from AOL partying with me during the Grammy’s.

Ignatz ‏@ajignatz @bretmichaels @aol you gonna catch any Pens games this year?#AskBret
Bret: I certainly Hope to. You know I am a fan.

Jamie Bluhm ‏@jamie_otting @AOL #AskBret if you could do a duet with any singer who would you choose? Can’t wait to here the new CD!
Bret: Well on my new album Good Songs & Great Friends I did a duet with Loretta Lynn. Thats pretty cool if you ask me. We did EVERY ROSE together. Check it out and pre-order the album at

Courtney Hibler ‏@courtneyCRUE_Bret, how does it feel to have younger fans?? Poison was my first rock and roll band I ever loved! #AskBret
Bret: Im grateful and thankful to have three generations of fans. But I also believe staying true to yourself is how to do this. I’ve never faked it. I do what I want to do and fortunately it seems people enjoy it.

Amy Harris ‏@bratmiester21 #askbret Which decade of music is your favorite?
Bret: Well i was raised on the 70′s Aerosmith, Skynyrd & Zeppelin but I love everything. I love LMFAO and I love current country. Good music is good music regardless of genre.

Karen shappard ‏@KarenShappard @AOL #askBret Hi Bret, Would u believe that my boyfriend, Wayne’s first concert ever was seeing u in Valdosta in 2010?
Bret: Thats awesome I love it there. Please tell him I hope he enjoyed it.

Dawn ‏@bretfan72 #AskBret Will you be making any stops at PetSmart in Arnold Missouri this year? My 4 yr old wants to meet u.
Bret: I love stopping at the PetSmart stores. There will be more this year. Keep checking the website for updates.