Hey everyone, wassa goin’ on?

Sitting here in beautiful Lima, Peru, a place with awesome people and scenery got me thinking about the week that led me here. I’m not sure if it was Mother Nature trying to send me a message or Murphy trying to get me to buy into his law, but one thing is for sure they tested the crocker rocker more this week than ever. I had just filmed an episode of the awesome television show “Revolution” for NBC and was getting ready to travel to rock Winston-Salem. NC, but due to snowmageddon, a horrific ice storm and added jet engine component blowing on the runway we had to postpone the show. I was bummed, but we are making up the show in the beginning of 2014 and we’ll make it a party like no other.

We then had to rent an SUV and drive 1,200 miles to Orlando in one night to rock an insane private party before heading to Miami to perform at the Toy Run Charity Rock Festival where I was honored to learn that I am the 1st and only artist to have supported the cause by donating. It was also awesome meeting all the great kids as well as the insane Gator Boys, these guys know how to bring a party. My blown jet engine is still not fixed, so I had to make fast travel arrangements to get to Lima by way of driving another 600 miles to Atlanta to fly out. Thanks to the grace of God, all the great pilots, ground crew and traffic control we are rockin’ on the good side of the dirt.

Landing in Peru this morning was truly awesome and stepping off the plane at 1:00a.m. to see hundreds of fans waiting to greet me was amazing. Managing my diabetes and blood sugar levels in a foreign country will be a challenging battle of ups and downs, but I like to have fun while getting it done. We left the hotel this morning to take in the insane beach before rocking the show tonight, then off to Chile.

Call it roses and thorns, call it ups and downs, from the road dog to the weather warrior and back again. It’s a crazy schedule, all in the name of and love of the game…