Hey everyone, it’s Pete hijacking Bret’s site again. I just wanted to say that night after night, year after year Bret continues to blow me away as a performer.

We’ve had a run of several shows in a row that would have made most people have at least taken the night off before doing a full on rock show at 8:00a.m. like we did in New York City this morning on Fox & Friends. We did a sold out show in New Jersey last night, finished up around midnight and we were loading back in Manhattan at 3:00 a.m. 

What many people don’t realize and I probably shouldn’t say this, but Bret had a 39 blood sugar late last night and after the first song this morning he had an extremely low sugar level (not that it was life threatening, don’t get me wrong). 

My point again is simply this, most people just don’t go like he does. He inspires me, while pushing me harder to do more everyday just by watching him and standing beside him.