On Wednesday December 21st 2016, Iconic Rocker Bret Michaels Will Be The First Rock Legend To Launch Game Changing Emoji And Lyric Keyboard 

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — On Wednesday December 21st, legendary Rockstar, Celebrity Apprentice winner, and reality TV superstar Bret Michaels, along with New York based developers Echelon Creative Inc., are set to launch a limited holiday edition first look at a game changing app: the Bret Michaels emoji and lyric keyboard with ground breaking lyric-centric technology. The Bret Michaels emoji and lyric keyboard will combine Michaels’ most famous lyrics, sayings and phrases from both his music and TV career, along with various illustrations of the singer sure to suit the users every emotion, turning their thoughts into Michaels’ best known lyrics and phrases. 

Allan Zhang and Sam Mendelson of Echelon Creative Inc. say Bret Michaels is, simply put, “An Iconic rockstar with one of the most recognizable faces, personality and Images. Knowing Bret for his artistic creativity, it was truly exciting to discover firsthand his knack for marketing and overall business acumen. Bret is full of groundbreaking ideas that guarantee to make this app even better than we anticipated,” stated the Echelon founders. “Michaels displays passion, purpose, and inspiration far exceeding our expectations. We have always aspired to be ‘drealists’ (part dreamer part realist, a phrase coined by Bret himself), working with Bret has now made that a reality.” 

Michaels, who has sold over 35 million records and single-handedly turned his own company, Michaels Entertainment, into a 100 million dollar company with his multi-faceted entrepreneurial endeavors, adds the emoji space to his ever-growing list of holdings. Some of Michaels’ partnerships campaigns include Petsmart, Overstock, Dr Pepper/ Snapple, Ford and Nissan as well as his award winning ‘Bret Michaels Rock Star Suite’ housed in in the Hard Rock Riviera Maya overlooking the stunning Caribbean Sea. His suite was the first artist branded suite, which Bret helped design with the award winning Las Vegas design team, Tandem, and spans over 10,000 square feet and is also one of the top 10 must visit destinations by such travel gurus as Travel Advisor, JetSet Magazine, USA today and Orbitz. 

A limited collection of The Bret Michaels emoji package is slated to debut Wednesday Dec 21st, which will include exclusive holiday and sports emoji’s with more emoji’s being added to the collection throughout 2017. 
The Bret Michaels Emoji package will be Available on both Google and Apples App Store.

Be sure to visit www.bretmichaels.com for more more info and everything else Bret Michaels.