We’ve introduced a new feature on TeamBretMichaels.com and tell you about a few others coming soon to the site.

TeamBretMichaels.com will now feature blogs from Team BMB members about their favorite charities and causes that they personally raise awareness about.

Today’s feature is one from me, PoisonCris to many, Christine to most, web master here at bretmichaels.com to all. 🙂 I’ll introduce a couple of new things we are going to introduce at TeamBretMichaels.com and tell you a little about my causes and charities I support.

Check it out at this link: http://www.teambretmichaels.com/Stories/2013/04/29/new-features-on-teambretmichaels-and-more/

Check back each month for additional blogs and stories from Team BMB members and check back weekly for new stories and more information about Team Bret Michaels and the Life Rocks Foundation.

~Christine (@crissypie on Twitter)