The Adventures Of Bandana Man: Holiday Elf On A Shelf Episode

We last left our hero relaxing at home when the alert came in that a respected citizen was in danger. This is where the dialogue of our story picks up…

Elf On A Shelf: Please Bandana Man, I’m stuck up here and can’t get down. 

Bandana Man: Stop screaming. No worries, I am here to rescue you. 

Elf On A Shelf: Great, are you sure you can get me down?

Bandana Man: See the cape? I’m a superhero, it’s what I do. How did you get up here anyway? I mean I’ve heard of police and firefighters rescuing cats from trees, but never an Elf On A Shelf.

Elf On A Shelf: I was flying back from the North Pole after filing my report with Santa and this family’s dog chased me up here. 

Bandana Man: No need to worry concerned citizen, I have it on good authority that Pets Rock. Let your fears fly away, we’ll make friends with this canine and you’ll be down in no time.

Elf On A Shelf: Thank you, it really is true what they say about you. You always find a way to persevere in the face of adversity. 

Bandana Man: I stand for truth, justice and the rejoice to rock!

The End


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